EXM on multilanguage Site URL’s

Email Experience Manager mails are constructed on the dispatch server (usually your CM environment). Thus the links defined in the mails are also linking to the CM environment. However, Sitecore added the MapHostname processor in the modifyHyperlink pipeline in order to replace those cm-URL’s with the public cd-URL’s. This config is driven by 2 fields […]

Send Sitecore Forms to a fixed email address

This page was updated on June, 10th 2018 to reflect the changes in v1.2. Download Sitecore Forms Extensions on github. With Sitecore 9, the new Sitecore Forms module was introduced. With 9.0.1 the integration with Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) was added. Whilst this module looks very promising, the functionality is currently limited. One of […]