Sitecore Forms Extensions for Sitecore 9.3

Since the original release of Sitecore 9.0, a lot of improvements have been made to the default shipment of Sitecore Forms.

The first major update was shipped with Sitecore 9.1 when we got an improved Send Email action and Value Providers. With the release of Sitecore 9.3, a file upload component was added and robot detection included. Does this make the Sitecore Forms Extensions irrelevant?

Is Forms Extensions still relevant?

With the current out-of-the-box functionality, you will certainly able to handle most of your requirements. However, Forms Extensions still provides some nice additions and can also give a head start reducing the required custom code. Let’s have a quick look at what Sitecore Forms Extensions has to offer.

File attachments

With the send email action of the SFE, you have the ability to add the files uploaded through the build-in file-upload component as an attachment to your email.

Improved tokens in mails

When tokens are used in the Send Email, the values of the fields are added into the tokens, so that they can be used in the mail message.

As not all fields have a simple text value, a conversion into a human readable format is required. (E.g. multiselect fields, file uploads, dates, checkboxes,…)

With the new Value Resolvers from SFE, the conversion is done in the formsextensions.getStringValueFromViewModel pipeline. This results in better and customizable value conversion for the tokens.

Robot Detection

The build-in robot detection works very fine in 95% of the cases, but when users are falsely identified as a bot (e.g. if you use tracking blocker plugins in your browser), the user doesn’t get notified. The submit actions of the form won’t execute, but the end-user will not notice this.

With the Robot Detection component of SFE, the user will get a validation error when he was identified as a bot. The validation error message can be set and translated in the dictionary.

Google Recaptcha

Not convinced by the build-in robot detection? Use the Google Recaptcha component of SFE.

Value Provider jumpstart

Out of the box, Sitecore only provides the Value Provider system, but doesn’t have any implementation. When you install SFE, 24 value providers linking to the xDB profile will be available at your disposable.

Value Provider store back

With SFE, you also have the ability to reverse the logic of the value providers and have the values stored in the provider. By using this, you can easily start to fill up those xDB profiles.

Value Provider conditions

Add value provider conditions on your form to gain full control on when forms are prefilled and when not. Conditions can be defined with the Sitecore rules engine.

Azure Blob Storage for file uploads

Rather store the file uploads in Azure Blob storage instead of SQL? With SFE this is just 1 configuration file away. (The default option is still SQL, even with SFE installed.)

And there is even more

If this isn’t enough, SFE also offers these smaller feature:

  • Hidden Field component
  • Raw HTML component
  • Identify contact submit action
  • Jump to page submit action
  • Additional date validators

Get it now!

Check out the full documentation.

Download the module on github.

4 thoughts on “Sitecore Forms Extensions for Sitecore 9.3

  1. Danny van Kammen says:

    Hi Bart,

    Thank you for the forms extension it helps a lot. It was a big mis in sitece 9.3. I do miss something or i just simply do not know how to get is to work.
    I’m trying to create a form starting with a radiobutton list which shows either one of the tho sections. almost all fields are mandatory in both sections. Both sections have a submit button to be able to send different emails with the fields of the showing section.
    Now the problem: when i see the first section (based on choice) and fill in all the field and submit i get the emails i want and the page is redirected to the right page.
    When i see the second section (based on choice) fill in all the required fields and press (the second ) submit button, then only 1 email is send (to applicant) and the page won’t be redirected. Hope you can help me with this. Ik hoop dat je mij kan helpen.

    Kind regards,
    Danny van Kammen

    1. bart.verdonck says:

      Hi Danny,

      Please create a case on Sitecore Stackexchange, or contact me on Sitecore Slack for technical questions.

      Best Regards,


  2. Kali Krishna says:

    Hi Bart,

    Thanks for creating the module. Really it’s helping me a lot. I have a question . How can we support multiple file upload functionality? Currently, our sites running on Sitecore 9.1 solution.

    Thanks & Regards,


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