Connection strings on Azure PaaS

XSL transform connection string file into JSON
After you have provisioned your Sitecore application in Azure PaaS, you will notice that in the webroot the connectionstring file has been generated in <<webroot>>/App_Config/ConnectionStrings.config To improve security, in Azure, you have also the possibility to store and manage the connection strings on the app service. Copy pasting all the connection strings from the original […]

Sitecore logging fundamentals – Azure PaaS

In the first part of this series, we talked about the relation between Sitecore.Diagnostics.Log, Log4Net and Microsoft’s Logging Abstractions with ILogger. Let’s take things a step further and have a look at the logging mechanisms in Azure PaaS. Application Insights In our PaaS solutions we can use Application Insights to diagnose our applications. In application […]

Clear caches on CD instances in Azure PaaS

An introduction to Azure Service Bus
Azure PaaS is a wonderfull platform to host your Sitecore solution. It provides maximum flexibility to outscale your individual components. In a typical scaled setup (XM or XP) the CM and CD are splitted. The CD server is usually outscaled to multiple instances. The downside of this is, that you are not able to browse […]

Sitecore WarmUp Azure for Outscaling

Outscaling on Azure without traffic loss
In a previous post on warming-up your environment, I talked about warming up the cm environment via a powershell script on the build server. This script is usefull because it logs in to your environment before making subsequent calls. In this post, I want to talk about initializing your azure web application before allowing traffic […]

EXM on multilanguage Site URL’s

Email Experience Manager mails are constructed on the dispatch server (usually your CM environment). Thus the links defined in the mails are also linking to the CM environment. However, Sitecore added the MapHostname processor in the modifyHyperlink pipeline in order to replace those cm-URL’s with the public cd-URL’s. This config is driven by 2 fields […]

Sitecore Warm-Up

No more waiting for sitecore to boot!
In Sitecore Azure Paas, even a fresh Sitecore install can be slow to start. The initial calls to the Sitecore Experience Platform console can be  quiet slow. There are numerous ways to improve the startup delays but still it would be nice to have a fully warmed up environment each time you log-in. Especially in […]

How to boost your Sitecore Azure Paas website for zero dollars

A quick introduction to elastic datapools
Feeling your Sitecore Azure Paas website takes a long time to boot? I had the same feeling. Upon investigation I saw that the bottleneck was the core database running at 100% of it’s resources. Now with Azure Paas, boosting bottlenecks is piece of cake. Just scale that thing up! Unfortunatly, the Azure Paas Cake isn’t […]