File Upload in Sitecore 9.3 Forms

With Sitecore 9.3 forms, the file-upload component has finally been added to the platform. Lets have a deeper look at the capabilities of this component. SQL file storage provider When a file gets uploaded through your form the Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Mvc.Pipelines.ExecuteSubmit.StoreFiles processor from the Forms.executeSubmit pipeline gets executed. This pipeline will make a call to the IFileStorageProvider […]

Robot Detection in Sitecore 9.3 Forms

On November 28th, Sitecore released version 9.3 of its Experience Platform. This release contains a substantial update to Sitecore Forms. A quick overview of the new goodies: Publish option from the forms dashboardFileUpload controlEmail confirmation controlRedirect to Url submit actionRobot Detection Robot Detection Let’s zoom in a bit on the robot detection. The detection is […]

Sitecore logging fundamentals – Azure PaaS

In the first part of this series, we talked about the relation between Sitecore.Diagnostics.Log, Log4Net and Microsoft’s Logging Abstractions with ILogger. Let’s take things a step further and have a look at the logging mechanisms in Azure PaaS. Application Insights In our PaaS solutions we can use Application Insights to diagnose our applications. In application […]

5 breakouts to remember from the Sitecore 2019 Symposium

Wow, the Sitecore 2019 Symposium in Orlando was another great edition with the announcements of Sitecore AI and Sitecore SaaS (Software as a service). With 2 breakout sessions from The Reference: ”SXA beyond the box” by Gert Gullentops and my own session “10 things you didn’t know about Sitecore Forms”, this was certainly an edition […]

Testing in production

No more swapping!
When running Sitecore on Azure PaaS, you are most probably familiar with deployments slot and swapping. By using a deployment slot, you can deploy you code to the slot, whilst your production environment keeps your website live. By hitting the “swap slots” button, the production and deployment slot are swapped, and the visitors arrive on […]

Clear caches on CD instances in Azure PaaS

An introduction to Azure Service Bus
Azure PaaS is a wonderfull platform to host your Sitecore solution. It provides maximum flexibility to outscale your individual components. In a typical scaled setup (XM or XP) the CM and CD are splitted. The CD server is usually outscaled to multiple instances. The downside of this is, that you are not able to browse […]

Date Timespan Validator

The Date Timespan Validator is a new custom validator released in version 1.5 of the Sitecore Forms Extensions module. The module comes with 3 preconfigured timespan validators, but you can easily add you own. The validators are defined in /sitecore/system/settings/forms/validations/formsextensions. We provide a future date, past date and minimum age 18 validator with the package. […]