5 new things you didn’t know about Sitecore Forms 10.1

1. Sending emails to your backoffice

Until now, sending emails with Sitecore Forms or with the SFE extension, was always done with EXM. Whilst EXM is a great tool to construct create, style and track emails to your customers, it might be a bit of an overkill for simple emails to your backoffice. Also, to use EXM, Sitecore XP is required, it’s not available in the XM edition.

In Sitecore’s latest version, a lightweight email editor is included as a submit action on a form. Besides the basic functionality as specifying a subject, the addressees and the body, you can also insert the values the where entered in the form.

Simple and effective!

2. Manage your address book

The new email option in Sitecore forms let’s you choose the email address the mails are being send from. To assist the content editors, the from field is presented as a dropdown with predefined values.

These from field values are stored as items in Sitecore, so you can create the list suited for your business. The address book can be found under

/sitecore/system/Settings/Forms/Meta Data/Address Book/Senders

3. Style your forms with predefined classes

With 10.1, you can now provide a list of styles to your content editor to choose from when having to style your fields in the forms editor.

Instead of your content editors having to know what style classes to add on the fields to make them visual attractive, developers can now provide a list of styles with descriptive names.

The predefined styles can be mixed with additional manual added style classes.

The styles are stored in /sitecore/system/settings/forms/meta data/css class options. You can organise them in to different folder.

Don’t forget to assign the styles to the various components in /sitecore/system/settings/forms/field types.

4. Improve your site performance

The clientside scripting that comes with forms no longer has to loaded inside the html-head tag. The scripts can now be loaded at the bottom improving the speed experience for your customer. It also implicates that having to create an MVCOuterLayout.cshtml is no longer required.

Source: doc.sitecore.com

5. Sitecore Forms Extensions 4.0 is out!

Your favorite (and free) Sitecore Forms community model SFE, has been updated so that it’s compatible with this latest version of Sitecore. SFE adds even more emailing options, bi-directional value providers, google re-captcha component and many more sweetness to your Sitecore Forms.

For SC10.1, you will want to install SFE 4.0.

It’s available as a container image, Azure Paas module package and as plain old Sitecore package. For developers looking to extend upon SFE, a Nuget package is also offered.

1 thought on “5 new things you didn’t know about Sitecore Forms 10.1

  1. Basel Issa says:

    have you tried to place two Sitecore forms in the same page in SC10.1. if both has the isAjax enabled (which is default)

    only one will work (the one you submit first)
    is that a new limitation?


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