What’s new in SFE 3.1

Sitecore Forms Extensions 3.1 come with 3 mayor new features:

  • Subscribe to list submit action
  • Query string value provider
  • Send email was extended to allow sending mails to any field of the item in a dynamic datasource

Subscribe to list

With the subscribe to list action you can now directly link your form to your contact lists in Sitecore.

It is also possible to link the action to a checkbox in the form. Only when the checkbox is checked, the action will be executed.

Querystring value provider

With the querystring value provider, you can prefill your form fields with data being send through the query string.

Just pick the querystring value provider from the list and pass the name of the parameter as value.

Dynamic Datasource as email input

This new feature sounds more complicated than it is. So let me try to explain this with an example.

In my Sitecore I have a list of “Business Unit” items. Each item has a name and an internal email address field.

On my form, I want to send an email to the business unit that was selected by the visitor. However, I don’t want the visitor to be able to obtain that internal email address.

On the form, a dropdownlist is added, with the list of business units as dynamic datasource. The item id is used as the value field (and send to the visitor in the html), the name field of the item is used to display to the visitor.

On the send-email submit action, the businessunit drowdownlist component is chosen as the email source. We select the “InternalEmail” field as the field containing the actual email address.


SFE 3.1 also contains numerous enhancements and fixes.

  • Value Providers list compatibility
    All the value providers in SFE are now compatible with list components like dropdownlist, checkbox list, etc… (Checkout http://onelittlespark.bartverdonck.be/value-provider-on-list-components/ to find out what is special about list components)
  • Google Recaptcha
    Google recaptcha didn’t work when it was not on the first page of the form. This has been fixed.
  • Value Providers not working in combo with next/previous buttons
    When setting the navigation step to previous or next on a submit button, the tracker.current was not initialized, leading to incorrect behaviour of functionality interacting with the current contact.
  • Send email now works on CM server
    Fallback support for sending emails was added for when the exm client service api is unavailable. This is usually te case in an XP1 environment on the CM role.

Project Refits

Some mayor refits where done to make it easier for other Sitecorians to contribute to the module.

  • The project is now docker container enabled
  • Item serialization was switched from Unicorn to the new Sitecore Serialization framework
  • The project has a sample website containing test-forms in a unified structure + look-and-feel.
  • A release step-by-step guideline has been added to accomodate better structured releases.

Available in various flavors

SFE is now being released in 4 channels:

1 thought on “What’s new in SFE 3.1

  1. Van says:

    Hi Bart,

    Firstly appreciate your good work on this fantastic module. We’re in the throes of upgrading to Sitecore 10.1.1 from 9.20 and have encountered an issue after installing the package. It appears the field bindings to Feature.FormsExtensions.Fields.Bindings.StringInputViewWithBindingsTokenModel is causing a bad request from the renderField api calls, however reverting to Sitecore MVC bindings works. Our solution previously compiled SFE 2.20 and are now moving to 4.0.2 from the git repo. So am unsure as to what the cause is.
    Wasn’t sure how best to reach out, as unsure this is an issue or just so remnant inconsistencies from 2.20 that still need to be cleared out.


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