When 2 of my favorite technologies meet

Sitecore adds NextJS to it's headless stack
When we look at digital architectures today, we can differentiate 2 models with regards to rendering the website. In one hand we have the “Traditional CMS” where the rendering of the html pages takes place inside the CMS. And on the other side we have seen a big growth of the “Headless CMS” that exposes […]

Sitecore JSS in containers

Find out how to setup an XP0 installation supporting Sitecore JSS on the cm/cd role. Basic knowledge of Sitecore JSS as described on https://jss.sitecore.com/ is required. To add JSS Server Components to your Sitecore server, 2 asset images are made available by Sitecore: sxp/modules/jss-xm1-assets (to be used for xm topologies) sxp/modules/jss-xp1-assets (to be used for […]

Adding a custom database to Sitecore container stack

How databases are mounted and connectionstrings passed through on Sitecore containers.
Sitecore 10 introduces official support to containerized development with Docker. Some of the applications we are developing require custom databases. Let’s find out how we can add them into our container stack. 1. Add your database to SQL container In our first step, we will mount our custom database into our sitecore-*-mssql container. In order […]

Container support for Sitecore Forms Extensions

With the release of Sitecore 10, official support for developing with docker containers was added. In this article we’ll explain how you can add the Sitecore Forms Extensions (SFE) module into your containered Sitecore application. Before you begin This article assumes that you have basic knowledge of running Sitecore in containers. Please have a look […]