Sitecore Warm-Up

In Sitecore Azure Paas, even a fresh Sitecore install can be slow to start. The initial calls to the Sitecore Experience Platform console can beĀ  quiet slow.

There are numerous ways to improve the startup delays but still it would be nice to have a fully warmed up environment each time you log-in. Especially in a continuous integration setup where the are (multiple) build and deploys every day, it would be more efficient for the build server to warm-up your environment. Also when using staging slots on Azure Paas, it’s a good practice to warm-up the new deployment before swapping it with the live one. This holds as well for the Sitecore back-end as for the visitors website it’s empowering.

As most of the deployment platforms support Powershell, we created a script that reads a json config file with URL’s and calls them in order to take the first visitor penalty hit. The script also performs a authentication into the sitecore backend.

You can find the download here: sitecore-warm-up

3 thoughts on “Sitecore Warm-Up

  1. Jesper says:

    Thank you so much for these scripts!

    When running on the build server you might have Internet Explorer available, so you will need to add -UseBasicParsing to the Invoke-WebRequest parts of the script.
    Additionally, I replaced the $forms variable with this:

    $fields = @{}
    $fields[“$($authenticationDetails.userNameField)”] = $username
    $fields[“$($authenticationDetails.passwordField)”] = $password

  2. Vitali says:

    it seems that the script is not warming the Experience editor. Because the fist time it still opens more time.

  3. Dragan says:

    Thank you Bart for the script and thank you Jesper for the additional tips. I used all of it.


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