Prefill Fields in Sitecore Forms

New in version 1.4 of the Sitecore Forms Extensions module!

With the new field data binding functionality you can prefill your Sitecore Form with contact data from the xDB profile.


In the forms editor, select the field you wish to prefill.

A new section “Bindings” was added in the settings panel on the right.

There are options in this setting.


Here you must select to what source you want to link the field. The prefill value of the form will be fetched from this source and written to this source upon form submittion.

Prefill Value

In order to prefill the form with the data from the selected source, you need to keep this option checked. When unchecked, this field will no longer be prefilled. (It is possible to only store the value in the source and don’t prefill the field)

Store Value

Check this checkbox if you want to update the source with the value entered by the visitor in the form.

Supported Form Elements

This functionality is available for form elements of the type:

  • Single-Line Text
  • Multiple-Line Text
  • Number
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Checkbox
  • Date


Let’s create a new form with 3 fields:

  • FirstName
    • We will prefill this from the xDB profile and store it back upon form submition
  • Email
    • We will prefill this from the xDB profile and store it back upon form submition
  • Birthday
    • We will only store the value, but not prefill it

Finally we will add a submit button with no submit actions attached. (just for the example, it is perfectly possible to add submit actions)


Then put the form on a page and publish it.

Let’s visit the form now.

  1. Considering a new first time visitor, the form will be empty, since there is no data on his xDB profile yet.
  2. The visitor fills in the form and submit’s. The data entered will now be stored in the selected xDB fields.
  3. The visitors revisits the form (or any other form configured with data binding), the fields first name and email will be prefilled with the data form the xDB profile.



9 thoughts on “Prefill Fields in Sitecore Forms

  1. Sid says:

    How to use this with CRM, like own binding to CRM. Can you please provide some detail and example. Thanks

  2. parthiban kumar says:

    Hi we need runtime Data binding from external provider based on the drop down selected value in sitecore forms

  3. parthiban kumar says:

    one more requirement to create fields runtime.

    1. bart.verdonck says:

      I’m afraid that I don’t understand your requirement. Can you be more specific?

  4. Gaurav says:

    How to use this with CRM, like own Custom binding to CRM…


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